Smoked Pork and Beef Sausage

Our classic Polish sausage recipe. Each link features a handcrafted blend of premium beef, pork and spices smoked to perfection with natural hardwoods.

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Made in Small Batches:

Allergen info

  • Gluten free, made in a gluten free facility
  • Dairy Free


pork, beef, water, sea salt, natural flavor, garlic, and organic evaporated cane syrup.
Encased in natural pork casing.

Freezing Instructions

Sausage can be frozen for up to one month.
After thawing, enjoy immediately.
Unopened packages can be placed directly in the freezer. When freezing packages that have already been opened, try this Kiolbassa family tip: wrap sausages in a dry paper towel prior to freezing. This can help prevent freezer burn!