Hickory Bacon

In the early 1970’s, Bobby Kiolbassa had a revolutionary idea: create a slow-crafted, naturally smoked premium bacon with no added water that wouldn’t shrink like most bacon when cooked. He shared his “bacon brainstorm” with the Kiolbassa sausage maker, and they quickly got down to business. At the same time, they developed a secret spice recipe that would be hand-rubbed on their new creation. The result? A one-of-kind bacon that delivered an awesome eating experience. Before long, customers took notice. And soon Kiolbassa Dry Cured Bacon became one of the family’s most popular offerings. Today, we proudly use the very same authentic process that Bobby followed in the early 70’s to bring you the most delicious, thick-sliced bacon available. Purchase in our Dry-Cured Bacon Box!