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Meet the Kiolbassa’s!

When our President, Michael Kiolbassa and his son Rusty Rusty agreed to make a Tiktok, we took them up on the offer! Follow us on Tiktok or any of our other social media platforms to see the fun ideas we have planned for these two in the future. Enjoy!

Attention Target Shoppers! You can now find us in select stores.

Are you Target shopper? Then you are going to love this update! Our team is excited to announce a variety of our smoked sausages are now available in select Target stores.  

This project has been a long-time goal for the Kiolbassa team. In fact, our team has been working on adding Target to our list of retail partners for over two years. The process of pitching a new product to a retailer can be a tedious one, but we are so excited to reach new customers and hear their feedback on our products.  

Our Regional Sales Manager’s, Jordan Moy, led this effort from concept to fruition. Jordan recounts below just how long this process took!  

“Sometimes endurance is what wins the race, and in Kiolbassa’s case with gaining distribution in Target stores, that’s exactly what it was. We first met with and showed our product to Target pre-COVID back in February of 2020. I remember that trip to Minnesota very well. How could I forget walking the streets of downtown Minneapolis to get to Target headquarters when it was 25 degrees below zero. That was rough on this Texan! Although we didn’t get the “yes” we were hoping for after our first visit, we stayed in contact with Target every few months and got another shot to present our brand and products to them. Late in 2021, Target informed us that they had plans to put our smoked sausage on their shelves in stores spanning across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Although you can only find Kiolbassa in select Target stores today, we have our sights set on national distribution across all Target stores in the future. The 88 stores that we are starting with gives us a chance to prove ourselves as a desired brand by Target shoppers.” 

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate our Kiolbassa team for their hard work and perseverance on this accomplishment. Our team is very excited to continue our plans to expand our distribution to new retailers in the future, so our products can become more widely available to our customers.  

Curious to see if we are in your local Target? Visit Target’s website to check your preferred location. If we are not yet available in your area, we hope to be very soon! You can help this process by requesting our products in a store near you. 

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