Rustle up these Kiolbassa recipe favorites

In Texas, a good ranch hand can handle a variety of jobs. Versatility is highly prized. It’s the same with Kiolbassa Sausage. No matter what you throw at it, Kiolbassa makes it delicious. Heck, you can have Kiolbassa for breakfast, lunch or dinner – and we like that. Over the years, customers have submitted some of their favorite sausage recipes, and we’ve created a few family favorites too. From sausage recipes with pasta to grilled sausage recipes, you’ll love the results…and the taste.
So get cookin’, and enjoy!

Delicious Kiolbassa Sausage

"I'm glad you use quality portions of beef & pork because you can taste the difference. Your sausage is very delicious & it is true it's the best I've ever eaten!”

– Marvene S., Cocoa Beach, FL

Delicious Kiolbassa Bacon

“This is GREAT bacon. Haven't had bacon this good since early years in South Alabama, and that's a long time ago. Keep putting this bacon in the stores!”

– Sims, Kerrville, TX