There are many sausage companies and sausage brands. But there’s only one that’s as big and bold as the state of Texas itself: Kiolbassa Smoked Meats. Genuine. Honest. Always delicious. Since 1949, the Kiolbassa family has been devoted to the time-honored tradition of hand-crafting sausage and bacon the slow, authentic way. We use only the finest cuts of meats and the freshest spices. We slow-craft our meats in small batches, then it’s naturally smoked over Texas hardwoods. Never hurried, never compromised. With no MSG, fillers or cereals. Just real, authentic meats crafted the old-fashioned Texas way. Bold. Hearty. And so satisfying. You’ll want to take your time enjoying Kiolbassa Smoked Meats. Because we sure took our time making them.

We exist to enrich lives

Transparency, Ownership, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement

Our Humble Beginning

The year was 1949. And in the historic Texas city of San Antonio, Rufus and Juanita Kiolbassa had a dream: to start a company that would produce the finest quality products available. They called their new Texas sausage company the Kiolbassa Provision Company. It wasn’t long before Kiolbassa smoked meats were being sold to independent grocers across San Antonio. Word of Kiolbassa’s incredibly bold taste and authentic quality quickly spread. Before long the brand had established itself as the best sausage brand, with a solid reputation for premium smoked sausage that extended far beyond San Antonio.

Building on Tradition

The real turning point for Kiolbassa Provision Company came when Robert Kiolbassa took the reins after the untimely loss of his father, Rufus. Robert had received some important advice from his dad: “Son, people will remember the quality of your product long after the price is forgotten.” Robert took these words to heart, and pledged to always honor his father’s commitment to quality. Kiolbassa continued the tradition of making premium sausage with only the finest meats, spices and natural ingredients, never relying on fillers of any kind. The company grew, and grew some more, even during some difficult years in the industry. But Robert never allowed the company to compromise the quality of their products.

In 1985, Robert’s sister, Sandra Kiolbassa, joined the company. In 1987, Robert’s son Michael climbed aboard as well. Michael took a cue from the vision of both his grandfather and father, and continued to innovate and grow Kiolbassa Provision Company. Under Michael’s watchful eye, the company has experienced tremendous growth, expanding distribution to 48 states, with plans to expand in the future.

Honest as a Texas Handshake: The Kiolbassa Guarantee

A product as bold and hearty as Kiolbassa Smoked Meats deserves an equally honest and straight-forward guarantee – and it has one: “The best sausage you’ve ever eaten, or your money back – guaranteed.”
Enough said!

I tried your Polish Smoked Sausage for the first time recently. I wanted to let you know the sausage is excellent. Superb flavor! Great product!

– Jim H.