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Tradition Of Giving

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As a young man, our founder, Rufus Kiolbassa, was a meat salesman during World War II. Meat was scarce and Rufus was often brought to tears having to make the painful decision about who would receive the meat rations that he had available. This experience stuck with Rufus when he opened Kiolbassa Smoked Meats in 1949. His compassion for his fellow man lives on through our company’s purpose to enrich lives.

This tradition has continued for 70+ years


Links of Love

A special program aimed at feeding people in need

Through the Links of Love program, we will carry on Rufus Kiolbassa’s commitment to feeding those in need by donating 10,000 pounds of sausage per month to fight food insecurity and to respond to disasters.

Community Enrichment

Links of Love

As our world faces major challenges, Kiolbassa has developed the Links of Love program to support people during their time of greatest need. Because we produce high-quality protein products, we can help nourish those experiencing food insecurity, disaster or both. We have created a special all-pork dinner sausage that is fully cooked, easy to prepare and most importantly, delicious! This sausage will be distributed through our partner agencies throughout the United States each month.

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