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Maple Breakfast Links

Upgrade your breakfast with Kiolbassa Maple Breakfast Links! Made with premium cuts of pork, spices, and a hint of maple, these fully-cooked links are the perfect protein packed addition to any breakfast or brunch. Just heat and serve for breakfast on-the-go or enjoy with your family around the breakfast table!

Hatch Chile & Cheddar Fully Cooked Chicken Breakfast Links

Based on our time-honored recipes, we handcrafted our new Hatch Chile & Cheddar Smoked Chicken Sausage to be unlike any chicken sausage on shelves today! We use premium ingredients and adhere to old-world, small batch craftsmanship methods to create delicious, naturally smoked Chicken Sausage.


This Chorizo Mexican Style Sausage is a fan favorite in Kiolbassa’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Kiolbassa Chorizo Mexican Style Sausage is made in small batches for excellent quality and flavor. Made with only quality cuts of pork and premium spices.

Beef Smoked Sausage

A Kiolbassa fan favorite. Each link is handcrafted with premium cuts of beef and hand-blended spices. Then, we smoke them to perfection with real hardwood.

Cajun-Style Andouille Smoked Sausage

Kick it up with Kiolbassa’s Cajun-style Andouille smoked sausage! These handcrafted, hardwood smoked links will bring zesty Louisiana flavor to whatever you are cooking up. We make ‘em the old-fashioned way in small batches with only the best cuts of pork and premium spices. Laissez bon temps rouler!

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